[Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps]

"For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to write Mahler's 5th Symphony"
- Ben Phelps

benphelps Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps (excerpts)

Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps is an album length un-making of the Mahlerian symphony.

Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps is not an arrangement of the symphony, though it purports to be: it is part theme and variations, part deconstruction, and part recombination. Famous funeral marches and famous fifth symphonies make fleeting appearances. It is a post-modern takedown of the symphonic tradition, performed by a talented quintet- a "classical band."


Ben Phelps, composer

The B Band

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Album Credits

Mahler, Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps

The B Band
Andrew Leonard - clarinet
Pasha Tseitlin - violin
Danny Holt - piano and percussion
Matthew Cory - bass
Ben Phelps - percussion

Music composed by Ben Phelps

Recorded by Vanessa Parr at the Evelyn & Mo Ostin Music Center at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Mixed by Ethan Carlson

Mastering by Scott Fraser

Produced and edited by Ben Phelps

[Cereal Music is the record label of composer Ben Phelps]